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A Mountain of One - Black Apple Pink Apple 2 X 12" Vinyl (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

A Mountain of One - Black Apple Pink Apple 2 X 12" Vinyl (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

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A Mountain Of One flex out and expand ever onward on the already vast intergalactic, and what seems to be a limitless and space journey into the cosmic pop.

Black Apple sees Mo and Zeben soar ever outward and onward to majestically kiss the Todd Rundgren tinged, west coast blissed out stellar starlit edges of space. Retro in all its classic and AOR leanings but with a firm eye on the future

In this electric dream ballad, love rules and heals and reveals at our darkest moments the opportunity to bond, not abandon. 

As beats churn the emotional alchemy, Zeben’s voice and piano roll around in the melodic rafters of a celestial heaven to heroic effect.

A feast of Ricardo Villalobos remix versions accompanies A Mountain Of Ones 3rd single “Black Apple Pink Apple" of their forthcoming collaboration loaded super group of an album "Stars Planets Dust Me”.

This heady odyssey is mastered and features a remix by Global Electronic music icon "Ricardo Villalobos", and soon to also be remixed by Ricardo on a full album of his interpretations of the forthcoming album.

Their first single "Custards last stand" from the forthcoming album had radio support from NTS radio, Worldwide FM, and BBC radio 6.

The forthcoming album “Stars Planets Dust Me” will be released April 1st of 2022.
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