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Crosstown Rebels

Alinka - Control Transmission - 12"

Alinka - Control Transmission - 12"

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Alinka makes an eagerly anticipated return to Crosstown Rebels with the outstanding Control Transmission, her last appearance on the label featuring in 2016 collaborating with Shaun J. Wright. This solo release demonstrates her versatile sound that is inspired by her experience in scenes across the world.

Control Transmission begins with robust 909 drums as the claps resound with force. The bass, a razor-sharp, distorted and filtered charge is introduced commanding attention, further electro inspired samples and effects are layered in this powerful track. Day Zero captures the spirit of the Mayan jungles, with synth that propels with energy, ebbing and flowing with mystical chords that give a nod to the famous festival spearheaded by Damian Lazarus.

Born in Kiev, Alinka has a unique power on the decks and in the studio, influenced by the city of Chicago, with toes tipped in Detroit techno and Europe’s key cities. Immigrating to Chicago with her family as a child she immersed herself in the scene, digging for records and becoming resident for Justin Long’s Dotbleep party at Smartbar. In 2012 an impromptu meeting with former Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Shaun J. Wright changed her life. The pair launched their Twirl parties and label whilst continuing to evolve their collaboration.

The result has been an impressive catalogue of material from, with music featured on Jackathon Jams, Crosstown Rebels, Leftroom, The Classic Music Company and of course Twirl. Now living in Berlin, Alinka has used this base to play at parties across Europe including the likes Panorama Bar and Circo Loco, whilst regularly returning to the US to play for promoters such as Ladyfag. 2020 will she Alinka’s evolution continue, with a packed schedule of releases and her newly launched label Fantasy Life.

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