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Megalon - The Collected EP's (Part 2)

Megalon - The Collected EP's (Part 2)

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Introducing Part 2 of Megalon's highly anticipated archival collection, showcasing their studio output between 1995 and 1997. This compilation brings together the best tracks from the EPs released by Megalon on esteemed labels like R&S and London's Plink Plonk Records.

Continuing their sonic voyage with finesse, this selection embodies the duo's forward-thinking approach. The music presented here is a testament to their ability to explore diverse styles and capture various moods, maintaining a striking modernity that remains relevant regardless of time. These tracks possess a timeless quality, sounding as fresh today as they did when they were first conceived. For any dedicated techno enthusiast, these records are a must-have addition to their record collection. With its true school UK techno essence and minimal electronic stylings, this compilation stands tall above much of the music produced on this island during that era.

Drawing from Megalon's extensive DAT tape archive, all the music featured in this compilation has been meticulously restored by the renowned Curvepusher. The artwork and design have been crafted under the keen eye of Rogan Jeans, the original designer for Plink Plonk Records and Megalon, ensuring a visually captivating experience to complement the exceptional sound.
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