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Crosstown Rebels

Moullinex - A Fistful of Stars - 12"

Moullinex - A Fistful of Stars - 12"

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Moullinex makes his debut on Crosstown Rebels with a three-track EP titled A Fistful of Stars. The release highlights the multi-dynamic approach of the artist, who blends enchanting electronic melodies with club-orientated moods. Fascinated by the solar system, Moullinex's music conveys cosmic feels and radiant energy, perfect for an open-minded dancefloor.

The title track unfolds with a lugging kickdrum and lustrous chords, meandering into a celestial soundscape that tingles the senses—a poignant opener. On the flip, Atacama Skies bristles with shaker-led percussion and tribal drums before a starry synthline winds between the beats. Closing tune JFC switches the vibe with an elastic bassline and choppy rhythm, in typical Moullinex style, he penned it live in one afternoon.

Moullinex is a producer, DJ and co-founder of the label Discotexas. He runs the imprint alongside fellow Portuguese artist Xinobi. Together, the pair release nu disco, melodic techno and organic house by international producers spanning Anja Schneider, Diana Oliveira, Oma Nata and many more. Having spent his early years looking up at the star-spangled sky, Moullinex pursued a career in astronomy while developing a passion for music, science and art. Today, Moullinex combines each field into electronic music production, evoking exuberant sounds for reflective listening and club-based audiences. With a versatile aesthetic, Moullinex has remixed tracks by Cut Copy, Sebastien Tellier, Royksopp and Robyn.

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