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Crosstown Rebels

Nico Stojan & Tooker - Frisbee - 12"

Nico Stojan & Tooker - Frisbee - 12"

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Berlin native Nico Stojan returns to Crosstown Rebels, this time teaming up with Italian native Tooker. The two track EP entitled Frisbee is true to the label, taking the listener on a melodic journey perfectly set for the magical desert of Burning Man or the jungles of Tulum.

Nico & Tooker create this scene perfectly as the title track opens proceedings, captivating the listener from the off set with delicate 4 x 4 beat before waves of harmonious elements and melodic synths pick you up and take you on a journey, like a frisbee gliding through the air on a warm summer's day. Luna further emphasises the inspiration behind the production. The listener is taken on a metaphorical voyage through the cosmos, with futuristic, space-like melodies and finely placed percussions that twinkle in and out of the track giving a perfect accompaniment to the deeper, darker bass heavy beats at the core of the piece.

This may be their first release together but Frisbee signifies a deep connection between the two that could fool anyone into thinking they have been producing as a duo for some time. Nico is no stranger to Crosstown Rebels having had previous standout releases on the label such as Killing Your Lover and Belladonna. As the co - founder of Quie Records, together with Acid Pauli, the Berlin native has planned to produce more showcases and present his vision of modern dance music across the globe. This vision is embodied beautifully within this EP. Having recently embarked on a solo career, Italian Christopher Tooker is probably best known as one half of KMLN which has seen him playing exciting parties across the globe including; Wonderfruit, Meadows in the Mountains and Burning Man to name a few.

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