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Private Press - This Is Not Happening EP - 12"

Private Press - This Is Not Happening EP - 12"

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Just under a year after their last big impression on Rekids, Private Press are back with four more of their brilliant big room techno cuts.

This Polish pair hail from Warsaw and are focused on producing high energy and dubbed out techno. Already this year they have released on the Ziema label and had a strong 2018 two EPs on the highly regarded Indigo Area. Their powerful sound is a perfect fit with the no frills Rekids label and these four tracks all do plenty of damage.

Opener ‘Traces to Nowhere’ is an impossibly bristling track with razor sharp synth stabs and jostling drums that are redolent of the masterful Shed. Part old school, part a vision of the future, it is impeccably produced.

‘Paper Clip’ is a haunting, high speed dub techno trip with eerie chords and sound design that keep you on edge, and ‘Wet Moon’ is a broken beat masterclass with sirens, tense breakdowns and icy hi hat ringlets that is archetypal club weaponry. Last but not least, the warm, atmospheric and unrelenting banger that is ‘The Struggle’ sweeps you up and carries you away on a classy techno vibe and rolling drums that you could listen to for days.

This is a devastating EP of high impact, high quality techno.

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