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Crosstown Rebels

Tibi Dabo - Disbelieve - 12"

Tibi Dabo - Disbelieve - 12"

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Following on from his acclaimed remix of Dubfire featuring Carl Craig, Berlin-based Tibi Dabo returns to Crosstown Rebels with Disbelieve. It marks the first of three EP’s to be released on Damian's label this year, ahead of a much-anticipated debut album in October.

The EP begins with the rolling sounds of Disbelieve. Chugging along with a gently changing bassline, the lead synth reverberates alongside whispering hats and wonderfully emotive keys, before Tibi Dabo showcases his heavier side with Hire The Birds. Beginning with a pummelling kick, we are soon introduced to a mysteriously echoing vocal that winds into a melodic, celestial-like drop. Dj Balduin rounds off the release with a subtle, yet similarly hard-edged rendition of the second track. Up-tempo and incredibly danceable, synths shimmer alongside pumping drums and ethereal, bell-like chimes.

No stranger to Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, young Max Guardans AKA Tibi Dabo has carved out a sound that is wise beyond his years. At just twenty-three the Barcelona native has already remixed Damian himself, on last year’s Diamond In The Dark re-release, a testament to his skill and dexterity as a producer, whilst his previous full-length productions on Crosstown showcase the breadth of his ever growing sound. Dj Balduin has already made a significant impact in the electronic music scene, with an album already under his belt as well as a debut release last year on leading melodic techno label Kompakt.

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