Lag & X-Coast presents XL Traxx - XL Traxx EP - 12"

Lag & X-Coast presents XL Traxx - XL Traxx EP - 12"

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Lag & X-Coast announce collaborative project XL Traxx.

Lag is a DJ/producer who has previously released on MORD, THEM, Elements, and Don’t since his first 12” in 2013. X-Coast has released on Steel City Dance Discs, Unknown To The Unknown and his own Riviera Records following his smash debut with the 90s-tinged ‘Mango Bay’ in 2016. Teaming up for the first time, the Serbian duo unleash their new project XL Traxx with a fierce three-track EP on Radio Slave’s Rekids.

Leading the release is the energetic ‘M-Bomb’, bringing heaving kicks, rave stabs, and vocal snippets together for a rowdy affair. On the flip, ‘E-Dancer’ sees clever sampling and atmospheric pads meet over pounding drums before the propulsive ‘D-Edge’ rounds out the vinyl with slick synthesis and shuffling

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