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Mint Condition

Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You - 12"

Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You - 12"

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Mint Condition - A brand new record label focussed on excavating the outer fringes of classic House and Techno. Unreleased mixes, classics and overlooked gems mined from the last 20+ of contemporary dance music are the order of the day. From Chicago, Detroit and New York to London and beyond, Mint Condition have got their expert digging hats on to bring you exclusive heat and those rarer than rare jams that have been on your wants list for years! Dig in....

Blake Baxter is undoubtedly Detroit techno royalty. His unique style and sound has always found fans around the world since his first releases back in the late 80's. We decided to reach out to Blake here at Mint Condition HQ and we were hugely under-prepared for the reply we'd get back from him. 'Master tapes?!' we said - 'Yes' said Blake. OK, who wouldn't wish to hear unreleased mixes and versions of some bonafide Detroit techno classics we thought? That's what you're going to get with Mint Condition number 12, some unheard, unreleased, straight from Blake Baxter's 4 track tape stash HEAT. As you're all aware, 1991's seminal 'Prince of techno' EP originally came out on Underground Resistance and we've been given exclusive permission to reissue the EP (almost) in it's entirety, the only difference being that this pressing doesn't include 'Vision of truth' and features unheard versions of the other tracks that appeared on that EP as well as the original, classic mix of 'When a thought becomes you'. Yes, Blake dug deep for us in his archive and we are proud to present this important document of classic Detroit techno, never before heard - until now. Exciting stuff!

'When A Thought Becomes You' has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of all license holders for 2017 and remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your new favourite reissue label - Mint Condition!

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