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SRVD - Talking 2 B Mad - 12"

SRVD - Talking 2 B Mad - 12"

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Hot on the heels of their second release comes a third essential offering from SRVD aka Radio Slave & Patrick Mason.

The Rekids boss linked with Patrick Mason—a young creative at the forefront of Berlin’s art, fashion, dance music and LGBT scene—back in 2018 after they struck up a friendship in Panorama Bar. Now their superb studio work continues to bear fruit inspired by New York’s vogue scene, and these latest two tracks are perfect impactful once more.

The hard-hitting techno opener ‘Talking 2 B Mad’ is built on rock solid drums that never let up. Industrial synth fizzes twisted vocal loops and icy hi hats add detail to the most physical groove, which cannot fail to get you moving. On the flip, ‘Twitch' is just as physical and direct, this time with big synths suspending you in midair as the hammering drums seem to grow in size. It’s frenzied techno that is designed to make you sweat.

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