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Hiver - Wave Sliding

Hiver - Wave Sliding

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  1. The Initiative 06:22
  2. Vapour 05:41
  3. Entangle 05:56
  4. Stateless 06:27

Gudu Records continues a busy start to 2022 with Italian due Hiver’s debut for the label - a high-definition EP that draws on classic electro and techno, following the group’s acclaimed past releases for Curle Recordings, Bokhari and Deeplabs.

A record that both marks and celebrates Hiver’s 10 years of operation, ‘Wave Sliding’ wears its influences on its sleeve: lead track ‘The Initiative’ is a “tribute to Detroit’s Hi-Tech Funk of the early 2000s”, lead by the sort of ostinato bassline and legato strings that have become Hiver’s trademark. ‘Vapour’ and ‘Entangle’ continue the EP’s retro-futurist outlook, drawing on sci-fi imagery and themes of travel, while ‘Stateless’ looks to the “easy-trance” sounds of 90s dancefloors for inspiration. Together, the tracks mark a perfect summary of Hiver’s vision of the dancefloor - bound together by vibrant colours and a starry-eyed, utopian nature.

released March 25, 2022

All tracks written & produced by Giuseppe Albrizio & Sergio Caio
Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery
Artwork by Jee-ook Choi
Typography by Colin Doerffler

© all rights reserved

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