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Matisa - Tongue

Matisa - Tongue

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  1. Tongue 07:09
  2. Brunela 07:27
  3. Sunrose 08:27
  4. Lusia 06:53
Italian artist Matisa today reveals details of Tongue, a new four-track EP for Peggy Gou’s Gudu label. The lead single, also titled ‘Tongue’, is out now.

Born in Rome but based in Florence, Matisa has become one of dance music’s most talked-about ascendant talents, releasing music on some of the most critically acclaimed labels on the circuit - including Optimo Music, Steel City Dance Discs, On Loop and Permanent Vacation - with DJs such as Ben UFO, Peach, Shanti Celeste, Eris Drew, Sally C, Mall Grab and more supporting her music.

With four tracks that range from sun-drenched piano house to mid-tempo breaks, with a narrative flow that rewards listening to it as a full EP rather than picking tracks, Tongue showcases Matisa’s full range as an artist - resulting in perhaps her most all-encompassing release yet; a true showcase of what makes her such a special talent.

In Matisa’s own words, “This EP is a musical journey. I wanted each track to represent a stage of this journey, from departure to take-off, peak time and closing. I went deep into what the journey is for me and my ambition to make it all come alive with my very first vocal, and felt Tongue was the track to explore this expression.”

“This EP is a really special one for me. I tried to put everything into it”, she continues. “‘Brunela’ is dedicated to my Father, ‘Lusia’ to my Mother; ‘Sunrose’ for my love for flowers, and ‘Tongue’ to the feeling of passion and romance. I hope this EP will take listeners on this beautiful journey, just as it did for me when creating it.”
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